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 Here’s what to expect from the process on the day of your cleaning:

  • First, two large access holes are cut to attach the 8″ round vacuum holes to the supply and return lines of the HVAC system, through which the extraction will take place; a video inspection is performed at this time which allows you to view the system before it is cleaned. A series of 1″ holes will also be created to whip and agitate the build-up, thus loosening the dirt and debris so it may exit your house freely
  • Next, the system is sealed and a powerful vacuum is attached to the main trunk line of the HVAC system. This vacuum collects the debris and disposes of it in a hopper in the truck-mounted system, leaving your vents fully cleaned. It runs throughout the appointment, pulling through the vents as they are cleaned by creating negative air pressure within your home.
  • Then, Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles’s technicians will begin cleaning the vent covers and air runs. We will  remove vent covers as necessary  to clean them and the duct work that connects them to the main trunk line. Using pressurized air, the technician will dislodge dirt, debris, pet hair and so on from the vent covers and air runs, pushing it towards the main trunk lint..
  • Lastly, after the contaminants have been collected inside the main trunk lines, whips attached to the air hose atarax prospecto are applied to push the lingering dirt and debris towards the vacuum for extraction. Because it uses negative air flow, the dirt and debris are kept within the system and extracted directly into the truck instead of being blown around the house.
  • If there’s any evidence of any mold in the plastic or metal ductwork, an EPA registered sanitizer should be applied.
  • Furnace Cleaning Checklist: Burners Cleaned

    • Blower Removed and Fan Blades Cleaned
    • Blower Motor Cleaned
    • Blower Housing Cleaned
    • Blower Compartment Cleaned
    • Heat Exchanger(s) Cleaned
    • Heat Exchanger Compartment Cleaned
    • All Components Air Washed

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