HVAC Unit Cleaning

Maximize Savings by Maximizing Your A/C Efficiency

Air Duct Clenaing’s Deep Clean A/C Treatment features our exclusive, comprehensive 6-part treatment process. It’s the most thorough and complete A/C cleaning service available!

  • Complete coil cleaning
  • Cleaning of the A/C pan —  thoroughly cleaning the pan, removing all buildup of organic materials and mold odors that have formed over time.
  • Drain line treatment — Drain lines are cleaned, breaking up sludge and biological buildup to prevent overflow and clogging
  • Disinfect entire unit — an EPA registered disinfectant for HVAC systems, is used to disinfect the entire unit, killing mold, mildew and bacteria on contact
  • Cleaning of filters —  cleaning and disinfecting fan coil filters. Removable PTAC filters are cleaned and sanitized, maximizing air flow.

Maximize your environment

  • The removal of pollutants from A/C Phenq units
  • Increased efficiency in heating and cooling units
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Health benefits for allergy and asthma sufferers

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How It Works: Central Air Conditioner